John and Sue Pass: the song on your country gospel CD "I'm just a poor wayfaring stranger" is the best rendition of that song I have ever heard in my life. I went on U-Tube this morning and listened to probably 20 different versions of that song including Johnny Cash, Tennessee Ernie Ford etc, and not one of em came close to being as good. Thank you so much. To anyone who likes country gospel that CD is a must have.

Facebook Post
Jim Whittman
December 2015


Bonnie Johnson
July 12 2013

I bought 3 of your CDs at Staples Mill Baptist Church during the Jail Ministry fund raiser.

I am really enjoying them. It's like family reunion music​

Charles Garrett

​August 2016

WXGI Radio

We did join you on the radio this morning. You guys did an awesome job--you both sounded like professionals. You voices were so clear and when they played your music--WOW!

Well done--Chuck & Marge

November 2016

Sue, what an awesome time listening to all the wonderful music and groups on Sat. at the Madonna House. I was so blessed thru your ministry and the others. May God bless you greatly as He leads you in your journey for Him. Love you in Jesus name.

Lucy Pritchett

June 17 2013

 I value you so much and APPRECIATE the testimony and love you bring to the residents.  When you were there the last time, I felt as if I had been at a revival !  And that is a huge compliment.  The Lord is definitely using Just Us and I feel so privileged and thankful that we get to have you at The Virginian!   I think some of the residents' family members are even coming this Saturday !!!

  With love and friendship,


What a great night at the Powhatan War Memorial Building tonight. I have been to a lot of gospel music shows but tonight's music by "Just Us" was some of the best I have heard in a long time. Thanks to all that made for a great night including Ron Wyatt,John Pass, and Sue Pass. A special thanks to Ruth Boatwright for organizing an awesome fund raiser to renovate the War Memorial Building.​

Gary Jenkins

​April 2017

Message to Sue:

You may not realize this, but you and John were a very influential witness to me when I was struggling to find and do God’s will in my life. Your example of strong, Christian leadership has been effective and has helped me to focus on the Lord. 

I love you both and will ALWAYS support you in your ministry!!

Thank you for all you do.


​Sept 2018

New Found Church of Christ

The thanks should go to you and the rest of the group.  You certainly have a wonderful ministry and everyone at Church this morning, that was there last night, spoke about how much they enjoyed the music.  It was a blessing to me and everyone else that was there.  If there was anyone there who did not get a blessing, it was their own fault for not letting the Holy Spirit speak to them.  We look forward to having you back.  It has really been a blessing for me; just to get to know you and Sue.  

I will certainly keep you in my prayers and look forward to seeing you very soon.
 In His Love,

I spent an hour catching up on emails this afternoon while listening to Just Us…..Extremely well done and I really enjoyed it…..Track 2 was my favorite as I never would have thought to blend two incredible songs like this….Congratulations on your CD and thanks for sharing your gift of music with me.

Feb 2013

I love this talent group... they really love God... it shows in their music... it shows in their daily lives.... it is an honor to call you my friends.
Candy Jones Daniels
March 2016

 We so enjoyed your last CD and this one is fabulous as well!! Every song, every singer.
Helen Bowser
July 31 2014

Almost Most Home CD

I thoroughly enjoyed the CD....been listening to it for a relaxing night. And a lot of them spoke to me regarding what I just went through. Especially the Candle in the Darkness. He was mine when nothing else was looking bright, he chose to shine the light!!!! LOVED IT!!!!!!!

​                                            Mary 

                                     November 2016

 Byrd Chapel UMC, Kents Store, Va.

Thank YOU so much John and Sue!!  Everyone who came last night was singing your praises in church today.  They truly enjoyed your very awesome message in music!!  You have a unique way of combining old-time hymns in a new and crsip way along with other very meaningful music mixed in.  Having the band makes it even more special.  God is certainly blessing you and all of your group. 

 We are looking forward to being with you again!   

Nancy Morath

​March 2012

Just wanted to let you know we so much enjoyed you'll at Uptown Cafe on Friday. The music was so inspiring and your (Todd Sontag) drummer fascinates me!

From our Facebook page.

Thanks, Wanda Jones Chandler

How did I get so lucky to have met you all and become your friend? God brought us together to help me on my journey back to him.
Thank you Sue and John
March 2015
From Anonymous on our Reverbnation Page


Just Us Country Gospel Band - they are wonderful. I so enjoyed hearing them sing Sunday night at New Bethesda Baptist Church - as well as Amy Ladd & Friends and Paul Mueller. It just doesn't get any better than that!!!!

Nancy Stout Anderson

​July 2017

Hello!  My name is Tricia  and I live in Lake Anna.  Wayne  was my husband.  I think that you and your husband used to go out fishing with him.  I just wanted to let you know that a few weeks ago I found a Gospel CD amongst his stuff.  I decided to listen to it on a rather long trip and I ENJOYED it SO much.  Wayne had never opened it but thats ok because I felt that God had sent me a special gift at a time that I needed it!  Maybe someday I can see all of you play and sing in person! 

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I was driving behind you guys the other night on 95 and I was having a tough time and I looked up and saw your logo :) it really made me smile ... Thank you for that.

September 2014

It was a great day and many people were blessed by your music. 
Y’all are doing a great work for God.
Thank you for coming to our event and sharing the love of God!

October 2014

If you haven't bought JUST US new CD it is beautiful. These people give so much of their time for God to do this. The songs are beautiful and we all need to support them to keep them continuing to do God's work. Thanks to you all for making the CD

Lisa Carter
October 2015

2016 Veterans Musical Show

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the talent and gifts you share each year to bring thanks and honor to our Veterans. 
I have heard from so many people who say this was our best show . 

I think every show is our best because you are what makes it so. 

JUST US COUNTRY GOSPEL BAND band was amazing and received rave reviews. 

I thank God for all of you .  You all have made a difference in my life and I know you've made a difference in the lives of all the Veterans.

Ruth Boatwright 

November 2016

Just Us Country Gospel Band

 Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed listening to your CD on my drive back to CT.  
Your music and ministry undoubtedly touch a lot of folks in very positive ways every day.  This resonates well with me as the one thing that I pray for every day is to have a positive impact on everyone whose life I touch.
Please tell John that I enjoyed meeting him.  May God bless both of you.


A big thanks to John Pass and Sue Pass for coming out Sunday night to New Bethesda Baptist to listen. While there they gave me a copy of their new CD"Keepin on track"! What a blessing this CD is! A wonderful mixture of classic favorites and refreshing, contemporary - country tunes that will make you tap your toes and put a smile on your face! John Finney and Frankie Hogston Finney sounds great! It is an honor to be included on this project!
God bless you all!
Amy Ladd 
September 2015

Thanks for CDs I have been listening  to them they are good I like the country gospel style 

Rachael Snider

South Carolina August 2016 

This explains why I wake frequently with Just Us songs in my head!

Sheila Goergen

​Sept 2018